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Personal Style Analysis


Thank you for choosing our Personal Style Analysis, and congratulations on taking this important step toward developing your own unique personal style, and achieving your fashion goals! 


The following are links to the various sections of your Style Analysis Questionaire.  Please start with the first link and work your way through each consecutive section.  After each section you will have the opportunity to continue on to the next section, or submit the sections one at a time, picking up where you left off.  When ALL sections have been completed, your stylist will contact you confirming receipt of your completed questionaire.


Note:  It will probably take between two and three hours to complete all portions of the Style Analysis questionaires.  You may wish to bookmark this page to return to it should you decide to do only a few sections at a time, as this page is not linked from the public web site. 



 1.  Contact Information and Physical Characteristics (Requires photo-upload)

 2.  Lifestyle

 3.  Fashion Personality

 4.  Goals

 5.  Rate the Fashion Part 1

 6.  Rate the Fashion Part 2

 7.  Rate the Fashion Part 3

 8.  Rate the Fashion Part 4

 9.  Rate the Fashion Part 5

10. Rate the Fashion Part 6


Thank you for choosing Haute Style!  We look forward to helping you achieve your fashion goals!

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